Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fudge news - World of Warcraft winner!!!

I’m really getting into creative life here at lovely fudge!!! I find all the senior managers especially helpful, always leaning over my desk, suggesting new things to try. Gosh, it really is such an inspiring place to be an intern. Tim is continuing to be quite a gentleman – complimenting me on my clothes and giving me his time. I think I might be developing a crush on him. I’ve had a thing for older men ever since Daddy left mummy for that BITCH in Switzerland! God, those summer holidays in the villa by Lake Geneva. BORING! Thank god I don’t have to do that anymore!

Anyway, less about me!!! I’ve got news from Fudge and I can’t wait to tell you!!!!

EXCITING STUFF!!! we’ve opened for business in World of Warcraft (Tim didn’t explain what that was, but I expect that it’s like World of Leather or Furniture Village, but selling weapons to important people instead of sofas to proles). Anyway, whatever! It says here: “We’ll soon be selling advertising campaigns to wizards, elves and paladins, helping them to fulfil their mystical KPIs and improving ROI on heroic quests”.

I’m afraid I don’t understand a word of that!!!
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