Tuesday, September 26, 2006

New Intern Writes!!!!

Hi – I’m Saskia the new intern and I’ve got to say I can’t understand why anyone would say that our MD is sexist or guilty of any kind of sexual harassment. He is an inspiration to me and all other employees at Fudge (but not quite as much of an inspiration as our Founder, Monsieur Goddard, of course! Hahaha!) and I REALLY hope to learn from him over the coming weeks and if I’m allowed to stay YEARS at this fabulous agency (I really want to be a copywriter as you can tell by my terse, driven writing style and mastery of punctuation). I wrote some really amazing articles about ponies for my student magazine when I was in the Sixth Form at Cheltenham Ladies College. I still compete in dressage, when I’m not beavering away at fudge!!! Infact, Daddy was kind enough to build a stable for my horse Crystal Dream in the garden behind the modest Islington flat he bought for me (it’s just an investment for him – it’s not as if he just GAVE it to me or anything you know). Tim has told me that he likes a good, hard ride too and would like to see my rising trot sometime. What a lovely man he is!

Myself with my friend Prince Harry - what a Gentleman he is!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Another intern Bites the Dust

Yes, after the promise of more insights into life at Fudge, the new intern commissioned to populate this blog has left us. We would like to end speculation that she left after making allegations of sexual discrimination against our MD, Tim Soprano, as reported by certain unscrupulous web sources.

As Tim himself says: “Where’s the harm in complimenting an attractive bit of young skirt? She should be fucking flattered. I ain’t sexist – some of my best friends are women, as well as poofs and the occasional black.”

We hope that will be end of the matter.
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